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Turkish Delight
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Welcome to the RenoxRude / RudexReno Livejournal community! This community is for fans of these two particular Turks and their relationship, however you interpret it. Obviously, because Reno and Rude are both men, this community contains shounen-ai or yaoi. If that isn't your cup of tea, there are plenty of non-yaoi FFVII communities out there.

This community is usually quite peaceful, but just in case, please read and abide by the following rules. Makes life easier for everybody.


1) Absolutely no flaming. Constructive criticism helps everybody and is obviously allowed here, but flames help no one and aren't. If you really don't like the idea of shounen-ai/yaoi, there are plenty of other communities on Livejournal for you to browse.

2) Try to stay on topic. Introduction posts are unnecessary, since this comm has quite a large membership; but obviously fic/art/doujinshi/other fanwork is fine. Pimping other communities is okay as long as they're related to this community in some way (i.e. to do with either Reno, Rude, or FFVII yaoi). Pimping RPs is not allowed, so please don't. Also, this community is not a general FFVII community, so please don't post news or anything similarly unrelated to the content of the community here.

3) Warnings should be specified on everything posted (violence, sex, etc.).

4) Anything posted that is longer than 200 words or containing pictures should be behind a cut. This is for ease of reading for the other community members. If you break this rule, you'll get a quick comment from the mod asking you to edit your entry; if no edit is made, the entry will be deleted. (Sorry!)

5) Please do not delete comments. If somebody has left you a harassing comment, let the moderator know -- my contact information is below -- and screen the comment if you wish. But if you delete comments, I can't help you, and if you make a habit of deleting comments I'll ban you. It's not allowed here.

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